Storify’s story of the year documents reporter arrests at Occupy events

Storify, the easy free tool that lets you aggregate postings on social media into a story, announces that this year’s Storify Story of the Year was Josh Stearns’ Storify on the plight of journalists at Occupy events. Stearns writes a blog called Groundswell.

Storify makes it particularly easy to search for and aggregate tweets and YouTube videos in ways that make the whole seem larger than the sum of the parts with just a few added words.

When I first played with this tool, it seemed limited. But then I challenged my advanced reporting class to Storify the sad tale of alleged child rape at the hands of Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky. Not only did my students rise to the occasion and assemble coherent narratives, but many of their accounts were more coherent, concise and riveting than professional pieces. Lacing stories with relevant treats adds an immediacy and intimacy that makes this tool a must. Expect to see more it here now that this award reminds me that people can do stellar work efficiently with the new tools coming our way.