Making online headlines – the good, the bad and the truly ugly

The Good – This image demonstrates how easily the Occupy meme can be “attached” to almost anything. Artist Mark Read and his friends used a projection unit to paint messages such as “Occupy Earth” and “Mic Check” on the NYC building colloquially known as the Verizon Building, visible to everyone on the Brooklyn Bridge. A creative and eloquent way to say that you cannot evict an idea, Occupy is literally and figuratively in the air all around us.

The BadMotherBoard reports that the police confiscated computer gear at Zuccotti Park, including the free wifi setup owned by Isaac Wilder of the Free Network Foundation. The police apparently dumped all the gear at a site on East 57th Street, open to the air, the elements and cats with full bladders passing and pissing by. Wilder, a 21-year-old from Kansas, was part of OWS’ Signal Corps. Groups such as his demonstrate how much the OWS accomplished during its two-month tenure in the park to demonstrate how people can organize for the common good when the focus is on community not corporate profits.

The Truly Ugly – In the first 30 seconds of the video, a police officer at the University of California at Davis unleashes a huge swath of pepper spray in the faces of peaceful protesters, as the crowd begins chanting “shame on you.”

The mainstream media seems to be losing interest in the Occupy movement despite the escalating police violence. Thinking back to the media coverage lavished on the corporate-sponsored Tea Party, it seems surprising that anyone would argue liberal media bias anymore. Yet for the digital generation, validation by the mainstream press may be less valuable to the cause than these images that rip through the social media universe at warp speed. A graduate student at Davis may have said it best, “We are the drum—the harder you beat us, the louder we’ll get.”


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